XPO Logistics

Green Features

  • Low flow sanitary fixtures.
  • Segregation of Dry waste, Wet waste and Electronic waste.
  • Use of Eco friendly Interior Materials. 
  • Use of Low VOC paints, adhesives & sealants. 
  • Minimize use of ozone depleting substances like of CFCs and HCFCs.
  • 33.5 % reduction in Energy cost.
  • 57.7 % reduction in Water consumption.
  • 75% of regularly occupied spaces are provided with glare free daylight.
  • Workstations are designed considering comfortable working posture as per ergonomic standards.


Name: XPO Logistics
Developer / Client: XPO India shared services LLP
Typology: Commercial
Location:  Kharadi, Pune
Area: 35700 sq. ft.
Services provided: IGBC certification consultancy
Rating awarded: IGBC Green Interior -Platinum
Year of completion:  2019

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