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With the nature’s water cycle studied at school, most of us are assured that water is a resource that will be there for ever. This results in taking water for granted.

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Circular Economy’ the word sounds really good, doesn’t it? But what is the basic idea of Circular Economy? Looking beyond the current take-make-waste extractive industrial model, a circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits.

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Eco-friendly Dinnerware and Tableware
Sustain and Save’s keen change-maker Aarya Tupe recently conducted an interview with the owner of Ecoriti, Mr. Vickky Jain.

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Have you ever thought of saving 100% water on urinals flushing? Or Having water efficient taps to save water than always worrying about the water flow pressure?

Our Director Pranati Shroff Munot has been featured in Lokmat Newspaper Article under Environmental Awareness in the construction industry dated 7th August 2021