Over the years we have been a part of and closely associated with establishments that in one way or another work to promote green practices and work in the interior and architecture field.We educate, collaborate, and practice sustainable living through each of the organizations, including Sprout!

Sustain & Save

Consultancy | Sustainable Eco-friendly Products | Collaborations

Sustain And Save Logo | Sprout Green Pune

Sustain and Save is a collaborative initiative interweaving sustainability living in your home and businesses to promote a circular economy. Sustain & Save brings you simple, affordable Green Products, Sustainable Initiatives, and inspiring Stories from homes and businesses from all around the world.

It focuses on educating people and spreading knowledge on sustainability and aims to encourage a paradigm shift from the classical “Make, Take, Dispose of” model towards a more integrated and sustainable eco-friendly approach in both offices and homes.

Shroff Group

Construction | Planning | Architecture

JP Shroff Group Logo | Sprout Green Pune

Shroff Group was founded in 1958 by founder P. K. Shroff. The company is known for constructing A-class spaces like Pune’s finest government buildings such as the Polytechnic College, TB Hospital, Council Hall, Police Commissioner Office, Central Buildings, and many more.

With over 5 decades in the business, Shroff Group has diversified into residential and commercial real estate, consultancy services, and manufacturing. Shroff Group has endowed institutions for medical assistance and provided aid and assistance to non-government organizations working in education, health care, and livelihoods.


Architecture | Interiors | Planning

Whitespace Design Consultancy Pune | Sprout Green Pune

“Whitespace” conceptualized in 2008 is primarily an architectural design consultancy set up by a group of young and dynamic architects with a focus on setting standards of excellence in the field of architecture and eco-friendly design.

With a relatively less time frame since its inception, “Whitespace” has holistically managed to render services to its clients and aggressively achieved to design projects spanning various sectors viz; Residential, Commercial, Hotel, Offices, etc.