How Sprout Works?

We at Sprout aim to provide a holistic building performance solutions to our clients.
We associate ourselves with providing services in the areas of green building design, green
building certification, simulation studies to predict and analyze the performance of your
building, environmental clearances and eco interiors.

Green Building Simulation

Ecotect | Radiance | Design Builder

Architectural plans are made to improve ease of living. And in that process, sometimes the complete analysis of how the building would function in the long run misses out. That’s what we strive to repair in simulation studies. Do a complete analysis of how the building would consume energy and its effect on the surroundings.

We study and measure the efficiency, accuracy and scalability of the projects. We do daylight analysis for visual comfort, artificial lighting analysis for energy savings, material feasibility and thermal comfort impact studies, whole building simulation for various certification and standards like ASHRAE and ECBC for energy efficiency.

Green Building Simulation | Sprout Green Pune

Sustainability Planning

Sustainability Reporting | Environmental Planning

Sustainability planning yields long term environmental benefits.
Analyzing all the ecological parameters and indexes allows us to understand the surroundings and also helps us create better design strategies that will be environmentally sustainable.

We do contour analysis and keep the land suitability index in check to understand the built and unbuilt ratio and its impact on projects. We also assist organisations record their carbon footprint and conduct green events for a sustainable environment.

Our sustainability reporting monitors the progress of a company’s use and consumption w.r.t. energy, waste, water amongst other criteria. The environmental clearances for large projects and allied services to the same is assisted by Sprout.

Sustainability Planning | Sprout Green Pune

Green Building Design

Climate Responsive | Eco-Friendly

A green building design reduces carbon footprint, and efficiently manages to reduce energy consumption. The buildings are made more climate responsive and environment responsive to ease the way of living.

We design and suggest smart green solutions to enhance the parameters of nature and climate. Our net-zero buildings are designed to provide savings in energy water and waste production on site. And eco interiors are also facilitated to provide use of interior materials and enhanced indoor environmental comfort to the occupants.

Green Building Design Pune | Sprout Green Pune

Research In Environment

Outreach | Research: Built environment

A comprehensive research is a must for us to keep up with the updated regulations and standard specifications of every project. It is how we deliver only the best alternatives and ideas to fulfil the environmental standards.

We undertake research projects which allow us to constantly and actively hone our skill sets. We also provide research based interventions and knowledge dissemination to keep up to the industry standards and trends. Be it material upgradation or greening events for some organisation.

Research In Environment | Sprout Green Pune

Green Building Certification

LEED | IGBC | GRIHA | EcoHousing

Every project has unique needs and requirements that need to be met to acquire a green building certificate; be it an office, a bungalow, a building or a big organization.

A green building certificate is your ultimate goal to build green, sustainable buildings. And we help you achieve that. We assist you in completing and fulfilling all the regulatory requirements and documentations to get you a green building certificate. We do this for LEED v4, IGBC Eco Housing and GRIHA.

Green Building Consultants | Sprout Green Pune

Energy Conservation

Energy Efficiency Measures | Energy Audit

All buildings consume energy throughout their life cycle. We analyze how the energy is consumed and suggest changes in the designs to fully utilize renewable energy.

We at Sprout help assess energy utilization at various areas and stages and propose retrofitting measures as well as design measures to conserve energy. The environmental audits help us understand the areas of high energy consumption to suggest improvements through simple changes to lifestyle and equipment.

Energy Conservation Consultant | Sprout Green Pune