Saarthi – Sky Bay

Green Features

  • Provision of Dual Plumbing Line and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) with a capacity to treat 100% waste water generated from the project.
  • Use of Chloro-Fluoro-Carbon (CFC)-free HVAC and AC systems. 
  • Use of BEE rated electric appliances and equipment’s e.g. pumps and motors.
  • Use of LEDs for internal as well as exterior lighting purpose.
  • Provision of energy meters for monitoring the electricity.
  • Provision of solar water heating system.
  • Provision of Organic Waste Converter (OWC) to treat 100% organic waste/ kitchen waste generated from the project.  
  • Provision of cool roofs.
  • Use of recycled content like fly ash in construction.
  • Adequate parking facility including electric charging facility for vehicles


Name: Saarthi – Sky Bay
Developer / Client:  Saarthi Group
Typology: Residential
Location: Mahalunge, Pune
Area: 412990 sq. ft.
Services provided:  IGBC certification consultancy | Simulation Study
Rating awarded: IGBC Precertification – Certified
Year of completion: 2014

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