We at Sprout aim to provide a holistic building performance solutions to our clients.

We associate ourselves with providing services in the areas of green building design, green building certification, simulation studies to predict and analyze the performance of your building, environmental clearances and eco interiors.

Green Building Simulation

Ecotect | Radiance | Design Builder

Simulation in real time of the project help’s in predicting and visualizing the performance of a building at an early design stage.
Daylight Analysis
Artificial Lighting Analysis
Material Analysis
Energy Consumption Analysis
Thermal Comfort
Solar Shading
Radiation Analysis


Sustainability Planning

Sustainability Reporting | Environmental Planning

Analysis required to be done for large projects with respect to their ecological parameters and index. Contour analysis and land suitability index can be studied to understand the built and unbuilt ratio and its impact on the project. Environmental clearances for large projects and allied services to the same is assisted by Sprout. Sustainability reporting monitors the progress of a company’s use and consumption wrt energy, waste, water amongst other criteria. The intent is to reduce one’s ecological footprint.

Green Building Design

Climate Responsive | Eco-Friendly

Architecture design needs to evolve from climate and its response to site surroundings. We at Sprout help design these climate-sensitive buildings and suggests how design can be enhanced through parameters of nature and climate.
Facade Design
Passive Design Strategies
Energy Efficient Design


Research in Environment

Outreach | Research: Built environment

Sprout actively contributes to the growing environmental industry by disseminating knowledge and sharing experiences on various platforms. We also undertake research-based projects which allow the team to contribute and actively showcase skill sets.

Green Building Certification

LEED | IGBC | GRIHA | EcoHousing

We assist clients approach their projects as per various certification systems and regulations. We undertake feasibility and facilitation of Green Building Certifications for LEED, IGBC Eco Housing and GRIHA.
The process of certification revolves around guiding the project through at various stages of documentation and facilitation.

Energy Conservation

Energy Efficiency Measures | Energy Audit

Energy crisis is know to all and buildings today consume energy through out the entire life cycle. The need therefore is to design buildings which are energy efficient and use alternate energy sources. Net zero buildings are also the way forward for many. We at Sprout; help assess energy utilization at various areas and stages and propose retrofitting measure as well as design measures to conserve energy.
Environmental Audits can be driven by Sprout in order to help one understand the areas of high energy consumption and suggestions to improve upon the same through simple changes to lifestyle and equipments.